Pet Dental Tips

Pet Dental TipsFebruary is Pet Dental Health Month!  Here are a few tips…

DENTAL TIP: Did you know…
85% of pets have some degree of dental disease by the age of three. The good thing is, there are many things we can do to help! Brushing, chew toys, feeding a diet that targets tarter, and dental checkups with your veterinarian are several ways to combat that dental disease!

DENTAL TIP: Signs of dental disease in your pet!
– Bad Breath
– Change in chewing or eating habits (eats more slowly, more messy, doesn’t enjoy chewing on chew sticks/toys anymore)
– Yellow/brown crust on the teeth
– Inflamed/bleeding gums
– Loose or missing teeth

DENTAL TIP: Did you know…
Daily brushing is the best way to combat dental plaque and tartar buildup, and feeding the right diet can help promote good oral hygiene.


Dr. Foster has over 19 years of experience practicing Veterinary Medicine and is the owner of MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic in southwest Edmonton.