Tips for Travelling With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet? These tips may help…
Dog in Car

  • Exercise or play with your pet before getting in the car, this will help them relax during the drive.
  • Remember to bring their food to avoid an abrupt switch of diet possibly resulting in an upset tummy.
  • Bring a bowl and some water for your pet, a nice drink of water after all that panting is refreshing!
  • It’s a good idea to purchase a good portable kennel for your cat or small dog to travel in. It is much safer for the both of you!
  • Traveling with a dog in the back of a pick up truck is not recommended. The dog may fall/jump out and could become seriously injured. Tethering a dog in the back of a pickup can be a choking hazard if they try to jump out or fall out of the vehicle. Best to place them in a kennel which is secured to the truck if traveling with a pet in the back of a pickup, and remember wind chill can be a danger as well!

Dr. Foster has over 19 years of experience practicing Veterinary Medicine and is the owner of MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic in southwest Edmonton.