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April Featured Pet - Munchkin

Munchkin is an 18-year-old American short haired, tortoiseshell cat. She may be Dr. Foster’s longest original patients having first met him before he opened MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic. Her sister, Blackie, passed away in January 2024. Munchkin is expecting a big party for her 19th birthday in May 2024.

I met Munchkin when she was 3-months old at the old Edmonton Humane Society located at that time in northeast Edmonton. Her personality came out in spades when I first met her. She had little interest in cuddling and was more interested in exploring and playing. Her name was obvious from the moment I met her.

Over her years, she has travelled throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. All the while not stopping her mischievous antics. While at a friend’s home in Regina, she remote started a car and ran away with the keys. She was not invited back.

She loves me and needs to be close, but not too close. An arm’s length away is purrrfect; just enough to have a hand touching her back. Anything closer must be on her terms. She loves to nuzzle her face into my hand and lick while purring deeply and falling asleep close to me.

 Although her adventures have slowed slightly, she maintains a robust nap schedule, walking around her home, and engaging in polite conversation with anyone who will listen.

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