Puppy Training Classes



Puppy Pre-School (ages 8-14 weeks)

Early puppy socialization and training is essential to preventing behaviour problems and helping your puppy reach their full potential. Puppy Pre-school will set your puppy up for success by providing:

  • safe socialization opportunities
  • introducing important early life-skills
  • developing calm focus

Class will be 4 WEEKS with an additional orientation session for human family members to prepare you for class. Sessions include supervised puppy play time and discussion on preventing & addressing common behaviour concerns.


Trainer:  Erica Cheung, Revolution Animal Behaviour Consulting & Training, www.RevolutionAnimals.ca

Cost: $250 + GST

Email info@revolutionanimals.ca to sign up.
puppies learning socialization at puppy training classes edmonton

Please Note: Puppies must be up to date on de-worming and vaccinations. Puppies experiencing illness, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or coughing will not be able to attend the class until recovered.

Puppy Distraction Classes, Private consultations and drop-in agility classes also available – see more below.
Contact Erica at erica@revolutionanimals.ca for details.

Puppy Distraction Classes

This 4 week force-free class will cover engagement, focus, self control exercises, generalizing skills in distracting environments, proofing cues, and reducing food reinforcement.

We will be working on specific behaviours such as down-stays, sit-stays, recalls, loose leash walking skills, polite greetings, etc. You will be guided through each concept and provided written homework to continue practicing on your own. The goal of this class is to build skills that you will use daily outside of the class environment. Each class will end with a group walk for socialization.

outdoor dog training classes

Puppies ages 20 weeks+ that have attended a basic puppy class (see above), a private training session, or have learned cues such as sit and down. Please email erica@revolutionanimals.ca to discuss suitability of this class for your puppy if you haven’t previously attended puppy class or if you have behaviour concerns (fear/aggression).


Next class start date is TBD. Email erica@revolutionanimals.ca for details. Held at The Second Pup Boarding & Daycare Facility – 7030 2nd Ave SW, Edmonton.  This location is chosen for older puppies as it has more space plus an outdoor facility to use as well.
Cost: $160 + GST

Mission Impawssible
(for graduates of distraction class)

The jump from class to real world situations can be challenging. Over 3 weeks we will practice implementing your Distractions class exercises in real life situations. This will include loose leash walking in public, polite greetings with dogs and people, down stays with uncontrolled distraction, etc. The locations chosen will be based on participant needs, but may include Whyte Ave, Chapters, PetSmart, etc.

This is a great class to prepare for therapy dog certification as well as to refine your dogs manners.

** You will get the most out of this class if you have a good handle on the Distractions class homework in a controlled environment. Schedule based on Distractions class graduation. **

Cooperative Care Workshop
(all ages welcome)

Brushing, nail trims, teeth brushing, and routine physical exams shouldn’t be scary! Whether your dog/puppy struggles with allowing one or more of these handling activities, or you are taking a proactive approach, this class will help make handling and grooming safer and less stressful for you and your dog. We will work together to help your dog not only become comfortable with handling and grooming, but also a willing participant.

***If your dog has a bite history, requires sedation for handling procedures, or has other behaviour concerns, please contact erica@revolutionanimals.ca

Next Class: This class is available on Sunday’s. Please contact Erica at erica@revolutionanimals.ca for details.

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Erica Cheung, B.Sc., M.Sc. Candidate (Clinical Animal Behaviour)
Revolution Animal Behaviour Consulting and Training

Erica is a Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer and animal welfare advocate, and is working towards a graduate degree and future certification as a behaviourist.

Erica’s training strategies emphasize strengthening the human-animal bond and resolving behaviour issues through positive training techniques. She has a particular interest in dog reactivity, anxiety, and building a strong foundation for puppies in order to prevent future behaviour problems. Erica regularly attends conferences, seminars, and classes with her own dogs to continue improving her teaching skills and methods. She stays up-to-date on the latest animal behaviour science research and integrates this knowledge into her work with clients.