Who Knew I Had Anal Glands?

One day I was rubbing my bum along the carpet because it was itchy and uncomfortable. Some people thought I had worms, but that didn’t make sense since my “owner” for all intents and purposes (we all know who owns whom around here…) dewormed me recently cause I like to eat gross things. So it turned out my anal glands were full and not expressing themselves. Once I got them squeezed (by my “owner”, who also happens to be my doctor) it sure felt a lot better. For some reason my “owner” said we should get the carpets cleaned!

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Bubbie our 12-year old mutt at MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic in Edmonton. She was rescued as a puppy, found in a ditch in the country-side and very unwell. Now she is loved by Dr. Travis Foster and the team at MacTaggart Vet.